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Colorsafe PPD Free HairColour

NATUR VITAL Colorsafe is an exciting new PPD-free permanent home hair colorant that banishes grey hairs in just 20 minutes, along with lessening the risks of allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Offering a less aggressive solution to coloring, Colorsafe provides brilliantly glossy and vibrant shades that revive color and provide long lasting results. The range also contains a blend of vitamin E, plant keratin and organically certified sunflower oil to help repair the hair shaft, protect color, and leave`s hair glisten with health and vitality.

NATUR VITAL Colorsafe is free from Ammonia, Resorcinol Parabens and Para-phenylendiamine (PPD) for a kinder and more gentle coloring experience.

PARA-PHENYLENEDIAMINE (PPD) is responsible for most allergic reactions following the use of hair dyes.( source.SCCP )

The absence of PPD in the formula could minimize the risk of allergic reaction on the scalp.